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Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Project

  • Sunday, March 11, 2012
  • 9:00 AM
  • Property called "Lyola" 198 Policeman Spur Road, Booroobin


Registration is closed
Conservation Volunteers Australia along with the Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network and Sunshine Coast Regional Council are working on a program to Conserve the Richmond birdwing butterfly by increasing corrirdors and reconnecting fragmented forests.

Efforts concentrating on linking the existing remnant habitat and isolated butterfly populations with the removal of Dutchman's Pipe vine, an introduced vine that produces toxins that kill the emerging caterpillars. Futhermore we are mapping the current distribution of the butterfly and growing caterpillar's food plant.

Volunteers will assist with a range of activities including the removal of Dutchman's pipe and other noxious weeds and Planting of Pararistolochia Praevenosa (Richmond Birdwing Vine) to increase the Butterflies chance of survival.

To Volunteer please register here OR call Sunshine Coast Office on 0404 828 924..
email: rnorris@cva.org.au

Meet at Maleny Library at 9am for possible car pool to "LYOLA" Property at 198 policeman Spur Road, Booroobin
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