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With more than 750 members, Barung has now consolidated its reputation as one of the most successful Landcare groups in Queensland, Australia and internationally.

Barung Landcare is an established part of the social fabric of the vibrant Maleny community - working tirelessly to ensure the sustainability of the natural resources of the region for the future.

The dedication of Barung's staff and volunteer Management Committees has led the group to:

  • Achieve extensive on-ground works on both public and private lands resulting in greater awareness of local flora and fauna, improved water quality and better environmental practices.
  • Establish a competitive, self-sustaining and educational local native plant nursery providing over 1.5 million local provenance native trees for the local area.
  • Instigate one of the Sunshine Coast's premier tourism events - the Maleny Wood Expo
  • Achieve a high standard of environmental extension for local landholders gain community and regional volunteer support valued at well over $250 000 per year.


Barung Landcare is a leading community-based organisation working to develop ethical solutions for a sustainable future.  We support local and regional community empowerment to conserve and enhance the rich diversity of natural resources of the Blackall Range and surrounding environs.


  • to produce the best Landcare outcomes with the most effective investment of time, effort and money;
  •  to generate sufficient ongoing cashflow surplus to deliver core services without reliance on tied funds;
  • to operate within a community which is aware and actively involved in Landcare; and
  • to forge a closer relationship with primary producers, and work together to apply Landcare principles while increasing profitability.

Barung Landcare sits in the headwaters of four major river systems in the Blackall Range in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. 

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